Friday, April 29, 2005

Sun = sunday

We have changed the working hours for the summer in my company, but my 2½ y.o. hasn't been too impressed, because it has ment I have picked him up half an hour later all week. What he doesn't quite understand is that it means I only have half a day in the office today and hence we win in the end.
However, if you apply a little logic, 'every day' is sunday, and we can stay home from work all together;

This morning when we got up, we where met by a bright blue sky and sunshine when we opened the curtains, and my 2½ y.o. announced, "It's sunday!"

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Modern life

Steps up through the columns
Revolving glass doors
Marble flooring
Security greeting
Signing visitor book
Polished lift rising
Mahogany offices
Greeting with a smile
Long corridor past office after office
Unmarked door
Opening into mobs and dusters

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Afraid of spiders?

As a kid I was never afraid of any kind of creepy crawleys, and I still think snakes and the likes are interesting annimals, but while I was pregnant, and until recently spiders and the likes where not on my favourite list. It may be the mothers instinct of protecting the innocent child, but after reading about this spider incident I might reconsider my stand on the whole spider issue once more.

Is it unusual to find snakes and insects facinating?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where did it come from?

I spend the weekend in bed with a bug my son brought home from nursery, and it wasn't one of the friendly ones you can play with in the garden. Our TV broke, and yesterday I was too busy working to do any blogging, never mind job hunting! What is this all about? Work? Where did it come from?

Friday, April 22, 2005

London is a great city

I don't live in London, I did not grow up in London, but it is the one place in the world where I feel truly at home. But maybe Paris would be the same, "... or some other great city, for they're all alike. It's a great city!"?


How can you fail to mention in a job advert that fluent french is a requirement?

Maybe the next skill I work on should be french. I used to get quite good grades in french at high school, not that I could speak a word. Apparently I could pronounce it as if I had a clue what I was saying, and I hadn't even been to France by then. Bluff your way in french! No, I didn't get the book, though I am sure there is one.

I've been to France, twice since then, and once passing through early in the morning. I can read the menu and the wine labels, order food, say thank you and please, what else does one need? I suppose if one wants a job where french is a requirement a little more conversation might not go amis. There is quite alot of job vacancies in my industry requiring french. I'll add it to my To-Do list.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's a dogs life

I found Busters blog on the Blogger Buzz a couple of days ago.

I really need to get myself a life, so I have started 'sniffing' around for a new job. It took me a while to find a job search engine which was not blocked by my current companies firewall, but time I have had plenty of, so I found one. Today I have shipped off 4 applications, and no later than sunday I will take a serious look at my CV, and next week I will get really serious about job hunting.

Sounds promising?

Watch this space!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My inner European...

Is Italian, passionate and colourful, according to this, but I was told this years ago, so it was a bit of a pointless excercise

Have you got a shadow?

Read this, and than answer the question again... spooked?

To Travel Is To Live

To Travel is To Live, is a quote of H.C. Andersen, who celebrates his Bi-centinium this year, though the blog link is nothing to do with H.C.Andersen, apart from the quote and the places visited.

What is H.C.Andersen most famous for? The Princess on the Pea? The Ucly Duckling?

Personally my fondest memory are of his less known stories. I have tried finding it online, but will have to get back to you with that one. Let me know if you find it first, it is about a red ball...

When should you get your first computer?

Snippet from last nights conversation when Daddy comes home with his new laptop, similar to mine:

2½yo: “That’s Mommy’s computer”

Me: “No, that is Daddy’s new computer”

2½yo: “Where’s your computer Mommy?”

Me: “It’s upstairs in the office”

2½yo: “Where’s my computer?”

Me: “You don’t have a computer, you share with Mommy & Daddy”

2½yo: “You need to buy me one”

Followed on by this morning, when discussing the shopping list;

Me: “What else do we need?”

2½yo: “We need to buy my computer”

Monday, April 18, 2005

Which life's mine

Rays of sun on the duvet
tranquill morning
singing nature
Birds waking up the day


Teddy bears under the duvet
hide and seek
screams of joy
Child waking up the day

London Marathon

Just in case you got the crazy idea I might have gone to London yesterday, I didn't. I know absolutely nothing about the London Marathon, except that it was yesterday (couldn't miss that news, if I tried), and that it is run in London every year. Is it still sponsored by Flora? Apparently it used to be sponsored by Mars?

Anyway, I didn't go.

Instead we took our son for a long walk around the local pond, and fed the swans. Beautiful and gracefull animals, but so very agressive when there is food being thrown. They followed us the whole way around the lake, even though we had run out of breadbits in the first 5 minutes, but I guess they didn't know that.
The weather was beautiful, and we got some great pictures, but can I work out how to get them uploaded? Not to save my life. My HTML, which was never a great skill of mine, has gone a little more than rusty, so no pictures.

I should get points for trying, no?

Friday, April 15, 2005

Who Should You Vote For?

People watching

I cannot remember last time I took time out for people watching. I mean, I watch people all the time. The people in front of me at the checkoutqueue, the people in the car parked next to me in the traffic jam, but proper people watching? No, not since my life was turned upside down by my sons birth. Watching him, doesn't count as people watching, in my book. That's just motherhood.

Yesterday, when I went to pick up my car at the garage I had time to do people watching while the mecanic did the finishing touches, but there was just no people around. Only cars. So I ended up picking up a magazine and reading about the new Ferrari F430 Spider. I am very unlikely to ever own one, but Ferrari will always be my dream car.

I might do some people watching next time I go to the supermarket. Where there is people there is bound to be something happening. Not much happening in my office, everyone has gone to the pub, shopping, holiday, long weekend, whatever.


Talking on your mobile,
behind the stearing wheel of your car,
with the engine running,
it is illegal,
but we still do it.

Driving at 50 mph,
past a school,
is dangerous,
and illegal,
but we still do it.

Crossing the road,
when the light is red,
at the pedestrian crossing,
is illegal,
but we still do it.

Running across the road,
inbetween moving cars,
with children on tow,
is dangerous,
but we still do it.

Following traffic rules,
written for our own protection,
to save lifes,
makes sense,
so why do we break them?


We're all in a rush,
So we park our cars,
In the middle of the road.
Some listening to the radio,
Some getting frustrated,
with the car parked in front.
Others catch up on phonecalls,
Play with the airconditioning controls,
Or read a magazine.
We're all in a rush to get home,
stuck in a traffic jam.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's all in the preparation

Shave legs,
hair up or down,
red or black underwear,
will I need a jacket if I wear a sleeveless dress,
red dress needs ironing,
black will have to do,
where are my shoes,
shoe polish!

A thin black line above the lashes,
and a dash underneath,
brush a variation of neutral shades on the eyelids,
powder on lips,
lip liner,
a faint shade of rouge on the cheekbones,
a dab of perfume on the wrists,
behind the ears,

Lipstick, check!
Powder and makeup mirror, check!
Perfume, check!
Tissues and toothbrush, check!
Mobile phone, check!
Credit card, check!

Edit posts

No, I do not run my posts through spellcheck before posting, though maybe I should. Typing errors are the boggest offenders, and I will occassionally edit the posts, but third time lucky that is it. So if you find any errors; Ignore them please.

"Wednesday is the best night on tv!"

Does 'Deperate housewives' and a re-run of 'Footballers wifes' make this statement true? No!
'Grand designs' was quite good fun though. This guy got planning permission to build a one storey house without windows and hidden from the street. And he started with building the roof!
Liked his sliding roof window, but a bathtub under the slide out bed?
I watched 'Deperate Housewifes'. I find it difficult to justify critisism without having watched at least one episode. It was, well, desperate, but not as much so as 'The Office'.
Whenever someone mention 'The Office' I see multiple colours of red! Apparently there is an american version of it now, but the british is better. Excuse me? It can get worse than Ricky Gervaise in the british version of 'The Office'?????
When I was a kid we had one channel, which wasn't perticularly good, but now I have five (terrestrial) channels, and it's no better, if not worse. What a waste of a great medium.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ordinary Life

Before it takes over my life, I have decided to move my Ordinary Life scribbles. You will find them here, were they will one day be edited into a more readable format.

Singing in the rain

Or so you might be... if you are a tulip!
Though someone, or something appears to be eating my tulips. I destinctly remember putting 5 bulps in the ground. Before easter 4 came out, but now I only see two with actual tulips and a couple of sorry looking leaves where the 3rd one once came out of the ground. Who's eating my tulips?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Loo of the Year

‘Loo of the year’ award 2004 (
InterPublic Urban Systems, providing toilets for West Wiltshire and Mendip District Councils won best public toilet 2004, and The Centre, Milton Keynes had the best baby change facilities.
I have visited quite a lot of public toilets in my time, more than most, according to friends, but I have never visited one that deserves an award. Most recently, yesterday, I found the customer toilets at my local supermarket, hidden away in the wine section. Is this the most likely place you will need a toilet when doing your food shopping? I don’t know, we where just getting bread and fruit, when my 2½ y.o. decided that this was a good time to need the toilet. Some might say he takes after his mother.
In 1991, or maybe it was 1992, I went to visit a friend who was an Au Pair in Berlin at the time. I only went for a long weekend, but it was quite an eventful weekend. After having my walkman and cash stolen on the journey, and having to report it to the East German police, walked in the middle of the road, in the rain, with my suitcase to see the remaining bits of the wall, my most vivid memories of this trip were the public toilets I visited. The most bizarre being what looked like an old rail cattle truck in the middle of a forest, but turned out to be a toilet. Though most shocking to my friend, the Moevenpick restaurant toilet, where we had to trek straight through the restaurant to get to what turned out to be a tiny dark room doubling up as a toilet.
In some of the hotels I have worked at the toilets where called cloakrooms and you would enter into a room with vanity mirrors and soft seats where you could freshen up and from there you could enter into the toilet facility with linen towels and little soaps with logo’s on them.
But what makes a good toilet?
When I was about 12 my family and I where visiting Venice when I desperately needed the toilet. That was until the only toilet we could find turned out not to have an actual toilet seat, but merely a whole in the floor with footplates either side. Not my idea of a toilet.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chosen career

This blog took me back.

When I started my career in hotels I worked with a young lad in a skiing resort restaurant. He often introduced himself (outside work) followed by, "I'm not gay". Not that he had anything against gay people, but because of his feminine style everyone assumed he was gay.
Anyway, it was right in the middle of the main season, and he had a table of a dozen middle aged ladies, jammed together at a table for 10, which didn't seem to bother them, so the following should not really come as a surprise.
My colleague was clearing their plates between courses in his usual feminine style, when he accidentially dropped one of the dirty knives down one of the ladies larger than normal clevage. His colour changed from light suntan to a purple red, and then to 15 shades of dark red when the lady handed him the knife, "You dropped this".

If I could afford it I would go back to being a waiter any day!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday is here!

Grey sky
Queues on the roads
Stuck behind a bus
Red lights
Road work

Grey walls
Queues at the coffee machine
Stuck behind a desk
Florescent lights
All work

Time for extended Pub lunch!