Friday, April 28, 2006

Gadget graveyards

I haven’t got an ice cream maker or a bread machine, it would just be cheating. Home made bread is only really home made if you have flour all over your clothes and floor to prove it, and as for home made ice cream… I just haven’t got room in the freezer.

According to the BBC, “This list of unused gadgets is a graveyard of good intentions. Gathering dust with the ice cream maker are the fondue set, the keep-fit video and foot spa.”

The article closes off with the, “ So unless there's some way of massaging the figures as well, steer clear of the ice cream gadgets and health machines.”

But off course, if you must have an ice cream maker, ensure you get the exercise bike with it, and when you use one, you use the other.

I have got an exercise bike.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The price of beef

Would you pay £85 for an extremely fatty beef sandwich? Now you can, at Selfridges. Ok, so it contains foie gras & black truffle mayonnaise, but it is the densely marbled Wagyu beef that drives the price up.

What I find confusing is how it can be;

Food and catering director at Selfridges on Oxford Street, Ewan Venters, said: "Well it is definitely a very healthy, a very hearty sandwich.

As well as contain Wagyu beef with its dense marbling;

The marbling is so dense that the lean muscle to marbling ratio can reach 9:1, or 90% fat to 10% meat.

But then again, like Sushi, I never did claim to understand Japanese foods.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


When I was younger I often had a sore back. I had my back X-rayed and it was establised my right leg was slightly shorter than the left, causing my spine to curve the vrong way. Apparently an inlay in my right shoe should fix this problem. I tried that.

Then I got my first job in catering I started walking, however many miles a waiter walks a day*, in shoes with heals, and hey presto, no more back ache. You could argue it was the walking which helped my posture, but I vote for the shoes.

For years I have worked desk jobs, but kept the high heals, and my back only ever aches if I, for whatever reason, do not wear heals for longer periods of time.

High healed shoes, are my lucky shoes. Maybe this is why they sound like horses when I walk on the pavement?

"Mommy, wear these (high heals). they sound like horses", 3 year old.

*an average waiter walks around 6-10 miles a day