Friday, February 16, 2007

Feed me!

What is more important than food?

"We Italians are experts at amore and I think this pizza will show that the way to a woman's heart is definitely through her stomach."

True, the way to anyones heart is through the stomach, which is why I once thought dating a chef was a great idea of mine... but have you ever dated a chef?

If they don't work all hours God sends you will find them cooking at home. Which is great, because you get a homecooked meal without setting foot in the kitchen... WRONG!

Chef's are notorious for using every pot and pan available, and leaving them piling up in the sink for the pot wash to deal with, and who do you think the pot wash is at home?

We're off to sunny Denmark to enjoy my Mom's home cooking!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do it yourself

One of my male colleagues and I stopped by his house on the way back from our lunchbreak. I've met his wife before, and she is no doormat, but...

If there is a sentence that rubs me up the wrong way it is when (usually women) say, “It’s just easier to do it yourself”

Surely it is easier to share responsibilities with your husband/partner than having to do everything yourself? Maybe on the short term doing it yourself is easier than take up the discussion, but surely you just need to do it once (or twice for the hard of hearing partners), and the job share makes it easier in the long term.

If you have to discuss it a third time, don’t. Just do like a lot of men does; do it badly on purpose, indicating it would be better if the woman does it. It works every time.

But then; life would be boring if we where all the same.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


4 y.o., “Mommy, does penguins eat people?”
Me, “No, they eat fish. You know that.”
4 y.o., “Can I have a penguin?”

Serves me right for telling him he couldn’t have a rhino because they where to big and too dangerous.

So I calmly explained that a penguin was not very practical to have in our end terrace house and small garden, as Penguins preferred cold climates.

So as the icing on the cake we woke up this morning with the world covered in several inches of snow (unusual for southern England). Snowball fights and snow man building soon distracted though and who needs a penguin when you can have real winter?!

I can’t wait till it all melts this afternoon and the frost sets back in tonight and covers the world in ice. Bring on rush hour! (don’t even get me started on peoples driving behaviours during slippery winter weather in this country!)