Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Big Brother

I don't watch big brother, but big brother is welcome to watch me. In fact, my entire childhood, he pretty much was.

In Denmark, everyone born on the 21st of December and those born on the 21st June are specially selected for extra registration for statistical purposes. But then I moved to the UK, and I guess they kind of lost track of me.

However, if Big Brother wants to watch me, feel free Big Brohter, I have nothing interesting to show. Not to say my life is boring. Would I blog if it was? But my life would not make for great entertainment (I used the term great loosely in this context), and I doubt I would make it very far in the Big Brother house on Channel 4.

Not that I actually watch Big Brother, so I guess I wouldn't know, but I listen to the news on the radio, and somehow what happens in the Big Brother house is national news?

Monday, May 22, 2006

In my book

"I want everything cleared before you go home", was the message me and my colleage was given at 4pm. Does want get? Want doesn't get happy people, and since happy people are usually more productive, I guess want doesn't get.

After having worked really hard and putting in extra time whereever possible when needed, a command like that just makes me want to come in at 9am, ensure I take my entire lunch hour and leave 5.30pm, and not a minute later. If I was to include executive stress in my work day, I would want the benefits that comes with it, and somehow the title of administrator doesn't really say executive to me.

People managers without people skills should join the army. Though, I'm not sure 'want gets' in the modern army?

How was your day?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Car vs. junk

I love our car. Which is off course why we, like so many other people, park our car in the drive while we fill the garage with junk.

The problem off course is, that if we where to park the car in the garage we would have to put the junk in the drive and how would we get the car out?

There is off course another problem with parking the car in the garage. It doesn't actually fit. That is, if we folded in the wing mirrors we could probably fit it in at a squeeze, but I wouldn't much fancy having to reverse the car out of a tight space with no wing mirrors. And more importantly, if there isn't even room for the wing mirrors, how would I open the doors to get out? Anyone fancy a climb through the boot?

When they buildt our garage, I think they had the old Mini Cooper in mind.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

He loves me, he loves me not...

They where talking about marriage on the radio, and the current theme at 3 year olds nursery is marriage and weddings. They are doing a role play wedding, and 3 year old is the groom.

"Do you think Daddy should marry Mommy?"
"yes, but Daddy doesn't like to marry anybody"

From the innocent children shall you hear the truth. I guess I might as well give up on ever getting married.

"You can marry me Mommy!"

And you can always rely on 3 year old to say the right thing to cheer me up.