Monday, May 22, 2006

In my book

"I want everything cleared before you go home", was the message me and my colleage was given at 4pm. Does want get? Want doesn't get happy people, and since happy people are usually more productive, I guess want doesn't get.

After having worked really hard and putting in extra time whereever possible when needed, a command like that just makes me want to come in at 9am, ensure I take my entire lunch hour and leave 5.30pm, and not a minute later. If I was to include executive stress in my work day, I would want the benefits that comes with it, and somehow the title of administrator doesn't really say executive to me.

People managers without people skills should join the army. Though, I'm not sure 'want gets' in the modern army?

How was your day?


Anonymous Mandy said...

Ughh the joys of office work. It reminds me of a classroom.

6:28 am  

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