Thursday, April 06, 2006


When I was younger I often had a sore back. I had my back X-rayed and it was establised my right leg was slightly shorter than the left, causing my spine to curve the vrong way. Apparently an inlay in my right shoe should fix this problem. I tried that.

Then I got my first job in catering I started walking, however many miles a waiter walks a day*, in shoes with heals, and hey presto, no more back ache. You could argue it was the walking which helped my posture, but I vote for the shoes.

For years I have worked desk jobs, but kept the high heals, and my back only ever aches if I, for whatever reason, do not wear heals for longer periods of time.

High healed shoes, are my lucky shoes. Maybe this is why they sound like horses when I walk on the pavement?

"Mommy, wear these (high heals). they sound like horses", 3 year old.

*an average waiter walks around 6-10 miles a day


Blogger Mandy said...

Shoes are funny things.. I must have weird feet or something cos it's very rare I find the perfect shoe.

It's strange though, I always thought wearing heels actually 'caused' back-ache, not the other way around. But then I suppose it's different in your case with one leg being shorter.


11:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"an average waiter walks around 6-10 miles a day"

Wow that must be the reason why waiters dun gain wait... innit?? I always wondered how waiters can resist such good food/deserts in a restaurant!!

I worked as one before (part time as a student) and I tell you... it took me full will not to hog on the lunch break since i was on a diet. I ended up gaining 5 pounds anyways after 4 mths.

1:39 pm  

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