Friday, February 17, 2006

My stamp collection

My aunt collected napkins when she was a child, at school we collected stickers, but I collected Coca Cola. Don't say I was ever influenced by marketing. I was. Still am. It's an educated choice. There is something about the Coca Cola logo that noone can beat... it's red for starters!
But I guess I was never much of a collecter. I still have my can's, bottles and glasses in a box somewhere in my parents basement (I think). I am glad I gave up my collecting mania. I was never any good anyway. Nothing like the CocaColaLoft.

Maybe I should have just collected stamps.


Blogger Useless Man said...

I used to collect stamps. It was useless. I only collected cancelled stamps on letters sent to me.

6:31 pm  
Blogger web_loafer said...

Well here is a little unsolicited advice from a collector, of much.

I got off on the wrong foot collecting.

I thought National Geographics were the thing to collect.
So I collected.
Now my collection can't be moved without renting a Moving Van.
Oh some other things I collect....fruit it would take days to wrap all that antique glass up if I wanted to show it all, and would need a moving van to move it.
Here is the thing I have learned, I should have collected stamps.

Oh here is a insight into why I choose National Geographics and Fruit Jars.

I remember those days in the !950's at my grandparents farm. Granddad was stuck permanetly where he was, he never had time to vacation, loaf or change vocations. He was a farmer and I loved him so.
He was stuck in Central Missouri forever, but he wanted to know something about the world. He had his Geographics, and he took time to show me the world he could never visit except in his mind.
I used to be the brave grandchild that took the walk downstairs to the root cellar, to get a jar of sweet bread and butter pickles. The reason I went to get them, is that I ask my Grandmother if she had any? "Of course I do Johnny" and she told me they were just inside the door to the right. "Go now, and get a pint of them"
How I remember the steps down to the cellar, the creaking door, the spider webs, the darkness, yet a really wonderful place.......
America.....harvested, processed and saved for the winter months.
Oh my, I must leave, it is so wonderful to think of America as it was. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MAKE AMERICA SOMETHING YOUR GRANDCHILDREN WILL LOVE AND REMEMBER FOREVER??

2:44 am  
Blogger Sunshine said...

I collect stamps too, besides Coca Cola collectibles.

6:09 pm  

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