Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stick it

Smoking has been on the decline for as long as I can remember. Non-smoking restaurants and pubs are becoming more commonplace by the day. But did we really smother our smoking habits, or did we just replace them with another habit? Chewing gum anyone?

Apparently chewing gum sales are up, especially among the 45-54 year olds. So previously we used to extinguish our cigarette buds with our stiletto heals, now we just spit out our gum, awaiting someone elses stilettos to step in it.

History of chewing gum: Short version / Long version


Blogger Hannah said...

If I have ANY of my shoes ruined by someone's horrid and nasty, still-sticky-because-it's-only-just-left-the-mouth gum, there will be HELL to pay...

8:52 pm  
Blogger Peter Rivendell said...

Lung cancer? Bit of chewwy on the pavement?

Dunno, it`s a tough one.

It is odd that the pavements of Britain have more chewwy spots on them than you ever see people chewing. And I don`t think I have ever seen anyone drop it.... we should be told.
Mind you, they now market it like a health product.. bloody nonsense. So`s all that rubbish about pro bloody biotic yoghurt.

6:44 pm  

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