Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do it yourself

One of my male colleagues and I stopped by his house on the way back from our lunchbreak. I've met his wife before, and she is no doormat, but...

If there is a sentence that rubs me up the wrong way it is when (usually women) say, “It’s just easier to do it yourself”

Surely it is easier to share responsibilities with your husband/partner than having to do everything yourself? Maybe on the short term doing it yourself is easier than take up the discussion, but surely you just need to do it once (or twice for the hard of hearing partners), and the job share makes it easier in the long term.

If you have to discuss it a third time, don’t. Just do like a lot of men does; do it badly on purpose, indicating it would be better if the woman does it. It works every time.

But then; life would be boring if we where all the same.


Blogger DutchBitch said...

OH! You are so right... INITIALLY it is easier to do it yourself than take up the discussion but if your relationship works the right way, in the end sharing the responsibilities will be so much better...

Well, that's what it looks like in my plan... anyway... Didn't work out that way in my life yet, but I am hopeful that it IS in fact possible... for now... ;-)

10:15 am  

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