Monday, January 08, 2007

For Sale

It's months since I recieved my redundancy notes, but I haven't really started job hunting till after the new year. The problem with jobhunting is that you have to go to interviews, not that I have a problem with interviews as such, actually there is just one little details that is a problem...

What to wear!?

Ok, I know what to wear. Only my most recent jobs I didn't really take that serious when i went for the interviews so dresscode was more smart casual than business smart. However, a new year resolution, though in good new year resolution style I probably wont keep to it, I am planning to get a real job this time, and this is where the problem comes in...

What to wear!?

I went to the shops yesterday to find myself a new suit. Luckily the mad sale rush is starting to slow down, but come lunchtime I still hadn't found anything I liked which came in my size. Why is the only clothes available in January sales items? Why can't I get a full price suit till the sale is finished? I went to 7 different shops (incl.department stores) and actually found 3 different suites I liked. The first one the skirt fit but the only jacket available was two numbers too big. The next one the skirt was only available in a size 8 (= small. Enough said!) and the third one was £299 for the jacket alone and though it was ok, it was not Wow! I expect Wow! for £299 + £189 for a suit.

Maybe I should slow down my job hunting till I have found something to wear.


Blogger Cat said...

I think you can't wait until you have the proper clothing because you could use that excuse for too long. It really depends on your situation.

I tend to jump first and plan later. I hope that you're able to find something you need either way.

5:20 pm  
Blogger DutchBitch said...

Isn't "What to wear?" the MOST important issue for any occassion?

Good luck on the job hunting though!

And em... I am already working on getting more traffic over there so you have a reason to be late at work... ;-)

9:49 am  
Blogger Mags said...

You need a great job in order to buy the clothes you need for a great job.

It's a problem I always run into too!!

2:44 pm  

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