Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Wednesday is the best night on tv!"

Does 'Deperate housewives' and a re-run of 'Footballers wifes' make this statement true? No!
'Grand designs' was quite good fun though. This guy got planning permission to build a one storey house without windows and hidden from the street. And he started with building the roof!
Liked his sliding roof window, but a bathtub under the slide out bed?
I watched 'Deperate Housewifes'. I find it difficult to justify critisism without having watched at least one episode. It was, well, desperate, but not as much so as 'The Office'.
Whenever someone mention 'The Office' I see multiple colours of red! Apparently there is an american version of it now, but the british is better. Excuse me? It can get worse than Ricky Gervaise in the british version of 'The Office'?????
When I was a kid we had one channel, which wasn't perticularly good, but now I have five (terrestrial) channels, and it's no better, if not worse. What a waste of a great medium.


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