Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Room with a View

I have a view of the glorious sunshine this morning, as well as the A3. What a glorious day. Though my 2 year old, despite loving cars, would probably argue that the other side of our building with a direct view of the Firestation, would be a more desireable location for an office.

Being a boy he loves fireengines, and trucks, and any other motorised vehicle, but being a kid of this century his current hype is babies. Would it be in-correct to buy him a doll for his birthday? I can think of several people who would think so. Out of principal, I don't think it would, but then why wouldn't I?

Surely the world has changed from the times when girls had to develop into ladies, and men into Gentlemen? Ladies being brought up to look after the house and the children, and the man to earn the living for his family?


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