Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things you didn't want to ask

My favourite,

Advert: Girbaud's poster advert
Artist: Michelangelo
Bird: Tit
Car: Ferrari
City: Rome
Colour: Red
Dress: Long skirt or dress
Dessert: Cheesecake
Experience: Life
Fish: Oranda
Food: Pizza
Footwear: High heals
Game: Monopoly
Hotelchain: Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Instrument: Piano
Juice: Tomato
Knight: Shrek
Longdrink: Campary & Orange
Mammal: Rabbit
Nemo character: Dory
Other: Life
Pen: pencil
Quote: "Travelling is living", H.C.Andersen
Road: Motorway
Sweet: Liquorice
Tree: Oak
Underwear: LaSenza
Vegetable: Broccolli
Wine: Merlot
Xray: ??
Yogurt: Toffee
Zebra: ??


Blogger Jennifer said...

Advert: None
Artist[s]: Caravaggio (painter) Mike (sculptor)
Bird: Crow
Car: My car
City: Damascus
Colour: Green
Dress: Jeans
Dessert: Donuts
Experience: Writing
Fish: Fish sticks
Food: Donuts
Footwear: Tennis shoes
Game: Hide-and-Seek
Hotelchain: None
Instrument: Trumpet
Juice: Apple Juice
Knight: Lancelot
Longdrink: None
Mammal: Cat
Nemo Character: All of them
Other: Donuts
Pen: Ball-point pens
Quote: "It won't be a cataclysmic end-of-all-life-as-we-know-it. The end of the word has already come and gone. Life goes on." Jennifer L. Armstrong
Road: My road
Sweet: Donuts
Tree: Maple
Underwear: Ones that fit
Vegetable: Carrot
Wine: None
X-ray: The one I got when I was Yogurt: None
Zebra: Marty

Thanks; that was fun.

11:43 pm  
Blogger Jennifer said...

It should have said "X-ray: The one I got when I was swallowed some coins."

11:46 pm  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I meant: when I swallowed some coins.

11:47 pm  

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