Friday, March 11, 2005

Red Nose Day

March 11th is the official red nose day, so we should all go around with red noses? I'm developing a cold, does that count? All that fresh air yesterday, first in the morning dropping my car off at the garage, and then again in the afternoon when picking it up. I only just made it before they locked the doors. 2 minutes later and I would have had to catch a train back, after having walked to the train station, plus I would have had to change trains, and probably get a taxi to pick my son up at his childminder. But I made it, just in time, and everything was fine, so we can safely tour northern Europe for Easter, well, part of it anyway.

But today it's Red Nose Day. Everyone is up to something silly and usually red. Fancy a baked beans bath anyone? All in the cause of charity off course.
Driving in to work this morning most of the schoolkids I passed had either sprayed their hair red, or where wearing a wig. I quite fancy colouring my hair red, but maybe Ferrari red is a little to brigth for the job? Anyway, getting a Ferrari would be much more fun, and at least as unlikely.

So what are you doing for charity? Supported the Tsunami victims? Or how about the homeless kids in London, or whatever your nearest big city is?
I did something charitable this morning, inspired by all the Red Nose supporters with red hear roaming our streets. I stopped to let a few of the red headed kids cross the road, and that even though they should really have walked 100m further along to the assigned crossing .


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