Tuesday, March 08, 2005

1st post

So what would you like to know? What sent you here? What sent me here?

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing here, but I had to do something before the boredom sent me up the wall. Ok, so intelligent people don't get bored, you say? Well, maybe that is why I am here, to avoid being bored. What is boredom anyway? Isn't it very much individually defined? Boredom for me is when I only have one or less tasks at the time to keep my mind occupied. Like now, where I am stuck at my desk waiting for 5pm. Litterally counting the hours till the next day, where I come into the office again, and start conting over. It's a little like groundhog day, only like being chained to my desk.
But luckily it's not like that really. I'm just not used to having so little work to day, so looking forward to getting my first assignements anytime this week, preferably yesterday.
I'm going to have to start not changing jobs so often. The first few weekes in a new job always seems to drag on forever, untill I get everything up to a decent speed where time flies when you are having fun.

But this is not what you where here for I bet. Now you are really wondering why you are here!

Let me tell you something fun which happened not so many years ago;
I was walking down a street on a cold December day, and all of a sudden hot steam blew up my skirt, in best Marilyn Monroe style. As if!
I was wearing trousers, but what is all that hot steam coming up in the american pavements about?


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