Thursday, March 10, 2005


I dropped the car of for it's service today, which was a particular non-eventfull event. Though I had opted not to get a courtesycar for the day, so I had to walk the 1 mile to the office, which was fine, as it is not freezing cold and snowing anymore. However, the fact that I only had 8 minutes to do it in was maybe a little unrealistic, considering I had to cross busy roads as well.

Being only 10 minutes late, my boss had already been and left me a note on my desk to come to his office. He must have left it before 9, or he is very relaxed about timekeeping, as he didn't mention anything. He just had a project he needed me to tidy up. So maybe today will be the day when I will be doing more than ½days worth of work? I live in hope.


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