Thursday, March 17, 2005


The last two miles of my 17 miles journey home last night took me 20minutes last night. There's nothing better than roadworks when all you want to do is go home and put your feet up, or in my case, feed my 2 y.o. and get him ready for bed, befoer I could put my feet up.

One of the advantages of my new job is the commute is only half the distance of my previous job, but the disadvantage so far has been roadworks, and on the rare occassions where there has been no issues due to roadworks, there seem to be an issue with peoples driving abilities.

Either you get stuck behind a super carefull driver, who thinks the fact that it may snow sometime means you should drive 10mph in a 40mph zone even though the roads are clear and comepletely dry, or you are the last car in a 5 mile backlog, due to a driver not realising the roads are slippery when there has been rain followed by frost, so they have casued an daccident, which everyone, off course, has to slow down to see. You never know, someone might have gotten seriously hurt.

I just want to get home in the evening. If I want to watch traffic I would get an appartment overlooking the M3!

I have a direct view of the motorway from my office window. It was very quiet when a truck crossed over the middle, hit a Jeep and subsequently blocked the whole road. It was closed down for most of the day!

My thoughts go out to everyone who is hurt in serious traffic accidents.


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