Tuesday, March 22, 2005


It was only a few weeks ago we would be building snowmen and have snowballfights, but then the snow melted and this weekend it was summer. 21°C saturday! Not that I got much oppertunity to work on my suntan, but we did have our first BBQ this year. There is something special about charcoaled sausages, which you just cannot re-create in a normal kitchen.

Sunday the summer was all over again. But considering we had just had our Easter holiday plans wrecked by the French seamen strike, we didn't spend too much energy being concerned about the weather. Do they have to block the port the one day in years we decide to cross the channel by ferry? Obviously! But there is nothing as bad as it can't be turned into something positive, somehow. We have managed to save our trip by moving the whole thing to a different date, which means we will now be driving back from our Easter holiday a day later than most of the European Community, so there should be, fingers crossed, less traffic on the road.

So apart from the fact that it will be the holiday we went to a country where the winter snow is just melting, so half-way between seasons, it will be a holiday we remember before we even go, thanks to the french obsession with national strikes.


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