Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chosen career

This blog took me back.

When I started my career in hotels I worked with a young lad in a skiing resort restaurant. He often introduced himself (outside work) followed by, "I'm not gay". Not that he had anything against gay people, but because of his feminine style everyone assumed he was gay.
Anyway, it was right in the middle of the main season, and he had a table of a dozen middle aged ladies, jammed together at a table for 10, which didn't seem to bother them, so the following should not really come as a surprise.
My colleague was clearing their plates between courses in his usual feminine style, when he accidentially dropped one of the dirty knives down one of the ladies larger than normal clevage. His colour changed from light suntan to a purple red, and then to 15 shades of dark red when the lady handed him the knife, "You dropped this".

If I could afford it I would go back to being a waiter any day!


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