Monday, April 18, 2005

London Marathon

Just in case you got the crazy idea I might have gone to London yesterday, I didn't. I know absolutely nothing about the London Marathon, except that it was yesterday (couldn't miss that news, if I tried), and that it is run in London every year. Is it still sponsored by Flora? Apparently it used to be sponsored by Mars?

Anyway, I didn't go.

Instead we took our son for a long walk around the local pond, and fed the swans. Beautiful and gracefull animals, but so very agressive when there is food being thrown. They followed us the whole way around the lake, even though we had run out of breadbits in the first 5 minutes, but I guess they didn't know that.
The weather was beautiful, and we got some great pictures, but can I work out how to get them uploaded? Not to save my life. My HTML, which was never a great skill of mine, has gone a little more than rusty, so no pictures.

I should get points for trying, no?


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