Friday, April 22, 2005


How can you fail to mention in a job advert that fluent french is a requirement?

Maybe the next skill I work on should be french. I used to get quite good grades in french at high school, not that I could speak a word. Apparently I could pronounce it as if I had a clue what I was saying, and I hadn't even been to France by then. Bluff your way in french! No, I didn't get the book, though I am sure there is one.

I've been to France, twice since then, and once passing through early in the morning. I can read the menu and the wine labels, order food, say thank you and please, what else does one need? I suppose if one wants a job where french is a requirement a little more conversation might not go amis. There is quite alot of job vacancies in my industry requiring french. I'll add it to my To-Do list.


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