Wednesday, July 12, 2006

George killed the Dragon

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is a masterpiece in architecture. ....

You can get a guided tour, and last time we went we came across a few school classes on guided tours. We, being just the ordinary tourists settled for the audio tours. Having visited the Royal Pavilion several times I mainly just carried my audiostick. But bringing 4 year old (previously 3 year old) added great value.

4 year old insisted on having his own audiostick. Every room had a number displayed, which he would carefully enter into the audiostick and he would then walk around listening with a serious face, and the occasional nod.

We walked into the first room and got, "George killed the Dragon", with a straigh face while he continued listening. "This is another yellow room", followed by, "This room is blue, I'm not listening anymore". Half way through, "It's not George anymore, it's John".

I'm not sure who John is though.


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