Tuesday, June 20, 2006


When I was a kid I had an anorak. I never did train spotting, and my collection of license plates was short lived. I love computers and I have worked in technical support, but I am far from you usuall impression of a computer nerd. I could never stay with something long enough to be called an anorak. I am more of a butterfly.

Before we went on holiday our neighbours where looking at building a low wall around their front garden, but as they are both perfectionists in each their way, they where struggling getting the right type of brick to match the house. That was until they found their way to the brick anoraks. I can't remember the name of the company, or I would have had to advertise it, but they send out a guy who took one look at the house and announced the name of the correct brick.

Now they are just waiting for the bricklayer.


Anonymous Mandy said...

Funny, I always used to think of people that wore anoraks 'nerds' or 'geeks'. But then that's what society labelled them.

I remember having one when I was really little, about 5 or 6 years old, but I wouldn't be seen dead in one as I got older.

Though now I'm fast approaching 40 I couldn't care less what people think. Although I don't own an anorak, I 'would' buy one for those wet but warm days.

Mandy :=)

12:05 pm  
Anonymous Mandy said...

Hiya again, just popping over to say there's a slice of cake for you on my blog, if you feel peckish :=)


12:37 pm  

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