Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Animal fascination

Parcel Force drove up in front of our house this morning, just as we where about to leave. A giant box of presents in time for Christmas. Plenty of time for Christmas as to kill two birds with one stone. Box included early december birthday presents.

"Is that present for me?", "Is that for Christmas?", "Is he going to take the other presents to the other children?". Now my son thinks Parcel Force, and their red vans are the modern Santas helpers.

My so has two wishes for Christmas, lots of animals (I is convinced the box is full of toy animals) and a Christmas three. When I picked him up from nursery this evening he was playing with a toy grasshopper. Who makes toy grashoppers?

Snails not moving for months and giant centrepieds. Bat eating centrrpieds. Life in the undergrowth, by David Attenborough. The latest animal program to suit the modern micro photographer. Have you ever watched a snail eating a leaf, close up?

I rememeber my favourite bioligy assignment, the one and only where we ddn't have a set subject, was about the ladybug and it's relatives. Mostly about it's relatives. There is something weirdly facinationg about insects.


Blogger Camina said...

insects are mostly "├Žkle" and can give me nightmares. Kreeping up on you and all reminding you that THEY will be FEASTING ON YOU when you die. Uhhhhghh!
But I'm getting quite friendly with our spiders...they eat the flies. One morning a small spider in our bedroom desided to make a HUGE web..he'd been looking down at the two of us for some time thinking; "now there is a feast of a meal". Nothing wrong with ambition.

10:03 am  
Blogger Mandy said...

I think David Attenborough is absolutely amazing. If I watch wildlife programs or anything that comes close, and if Davids not narrating, I don't bother.

Close-ups fascinate me.

9:14 pm  

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