Thursday, November 10, 2005

Where do you shop?

Queuing at Asda during my lunchbreak is not really my idea of a good time, so I don't really want to be held up by the customer service staff gossiping about what they did the night before.

Todays gossip did however catch 10 seconds of my attention. I know... I have a low attention span... but in my defence, I was at Asda.

"Last night while I was shopping at Tesco..."

Asda staff shop at the competitions store? What happened to loyalty? Loyalty rewards?

Where's the carrot?


Blogger doris said...

LOL I'm sure it has to happen.... but what about staff discounts at Asda?

Actually, I wouldn't buy at Asda if you paid me. Well not the food anyway..... I reckon everything in there has more sugar. The bread, the baked beans and all sorts. Even the kids have complained their food is sweeter. But I know people who get food from there all the time and they don't notice. I wonder what Tesco puts in their food to keep us coming back?

8:58 am  

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