Thursday, October 13, 2005

You're excused

If you are distracted by your baby or todler in the back seat you are excused from most erratic driving behaviours. You can even get a sign so you can advertise the fact to your fellow motorists that you have a license to behave badly in traffic.

There is no escuse for not paying attention in traffic because your mobile phone is ringing though. So they have been banned.

Can't you just get a 'mobile-phone-in-car' sticker for your back window?


Anonymous Frank said...

Very witty. I like it. :-)

5:25 am  
Blogger Mike Hitchen said...

Apparently there is a story behind the "Baby On Board" signs, but I doubt if too many people use them for same reason:)

"This sign was created in America by an elderly grandmother, when a high speed rollover ended in the death of her grandchild. The vehicles wind screens blew out as they are meant to in a rollover and th child was ejected from the vehicle, and had mild injuries when it came to rest.

When response vehicles arrived at the scene, both parents were unconscience and badly hurt. there was no sign of any child or child seat in the car. The child was ejected and landed some 30 metres away in some bushes. The emergency teams, not knowing that a child was ejected, sent both parents to the hospital for their injuries, recovered the vehicle, and then left the seen, leaving the infant in the bushes.

Upon arriving at the hospital some 36 to 48 hours later, the grandmother asked the condition of the grandchild. The hospital workers informed that no child was brought in by ambulance. the police then went back to seen, and later recovered the body of the infant, that had succumbed to its injuries.

She then created a sign, "BABY ON BOARD", so that if an accident was to happen, and persons in the vehicle were ejected or unconscience, the emergency workers could search for a child thrown from the vehicle. Infants who break the restraints sometimes land under the front seats in the cargo space of a van or station wagon".

11:08 am  

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