Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here today, gone tomorrow?

Fashion fads often only stay around for a short time, until something new comes along to catch the eye of the hip.

I remember when I bought my first walkman, it was cool! But now it is just big and chunky, and hardly anyone uses MC's anymore. Then there was the discman, and then the MP3 player and now the IPods. However, it all started with the first transister radio back in the 50's.

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be:
And that which is done is that which shall be done:
And there is no new thing under the sun."

Something can be said for collecting old memoribilias.


Blogger Mandy said...

lol, I remember recording the top 40 from the radio onto my casette recorder. It was one of those huge bulky things, and I had a little microphone, which I'd stand up by the radio and we's all have to hush! :)

9:33 pm  
Blogger Mandy said...

My typo's are getting worse by the day.


tsk tsk :)

9:34 pm  
Blogger Nan said...

I think there's still something cool about cassettes. I had so many of those - some of them was even originals - and I took care of them like they were babies... Now I don't have a single one of them left. I do belive that next time I see someone walk by with a walkman - I will stare and think *how cool* - is being *retro* out ?

12:50 am  
Anonymous Lasse said...

I still have all my cassettes stored in a box in the garage together with a lot of other stuff from the 80´s and 90´s. And i am going to keep it no matter how ridicoulus my girlfriend think it is.

By the way, you should have kept your walkman:

8:46 am  
Blogger THE MATERIAL BOY said...

I miss my cassette tapes! I know most of them are stored somewhere, it's been a long time since I listened to them. I used to have a 'double cassette' player and I remember having a blast making mixed tapes with all my fave songs.

6:11 pm  
Blogger Denotsko said...

Still got all my tapes. Some are 20 years old, and we stil play 'em in the van cause we're too cheap to put a CD player in it. I still own some records too. I wish I could put some on CD. Some were never even released as tapes. Those are the cool ones. Too punk for cassett.

9:02 pm  
Anonymous Mike and Michael said...

Remember the first Sony Walkman?

12:44 am  
Blogger Shannon said...

OMG! No one has mentioned the end all be all of all recorded formatted music!........

The 8-track!!!


I go to the Salvation Army to buy work clothes for my husband (he's a mechanic and grubs them up to want to spend too much money on the stuff) and I happened to see an 8-track for sale the last time I was there.

I couldn't help but think...

"Thank GOD for updated technology!"

Have a great day!

BA ~~ 114

2:30 pm  

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