Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Patience is a virtue

Once upon a time... something about the Halloween ghost, which as a foreigner I know very little about. Something to do with witches and dressing up as dracula?

And not to forget about the pumpkin. This being the third year I have done a pumpkin, I finally got it right!

The first year I got a pumpkin it was so far from being ripe that it took me the better part of a day to get the top of. Never mind getting the pumpkin meat out, and forget about a face or anything else of any artistic value.

Second year I got a smaller pumpkin.

This year however, I got a ripe pumpkin, so it was all done in less than an hour. Which gave me the rest of the day to think of something to do with all the meat. Any ideas for next year?


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

You could paint a spooky face on one. I've seen some rather gorgeous ones that were painted ... true works of art that are much easier to do than carving one. But there is nothing quite like one that IS carved and lighted from within by a candle ... flickering in the breeze of a cool and spooky Halloween night!

3:05 am  
Blogger Mandy said...

I haven't gotton round to doing a pumpkin yet. I say I'm going to every year, but every year I don't. Yeehaw to you! whatever you decided to do to it will look great I'm sure :)

11:08 pm  

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