Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I used to be a nightowl. Sleep all day and party all night! Well, sleep most of the day and work all night. I used to be a hotel night manager in London. The joys of dealing with obnoxious people who thought it was my fault if the airline had lost their luggage, or the ones who thought they where entitled to a free upgrade to a suite just because they could be obnoxious. I do not miss being a nightowl.

When people wandering the hallways, naked, becomes commenplace events. People who have picked the wrong door to the ensuite when going to the toilet during the night, and end up in the corridor, without a key. You find them hiding behind curtains and doors. When this is no longer embarrashing, but something you almost expect when you check the floors during the night, the night shift starts to loose it's appeal.

But coming up to christmas, and the christmas party season, I am even more relieved I do not work the night shift in a London hotel anymore. Picking drunk people up from the lobbey floor and wheeling them to their room in the hotel wheelchair, is one of the more memorable events. Everything else just becomes a blur after a while. And I didn't even have to have a drink. I miss being a nightowl, sometimes.


Blogger Camina said...

Now that sounds like good training.
I only tried working in a bodega (danish lowlife sort of pub) for 2 months. Got enough of the drunks fast. I prefer being an early bird. PIIIIP

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