Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Silver haired estate

When I was 14 I wanted a Testarossa. Now I'm 34 and I still want a Testarossa. What I never wanted was an estate, of any kind. So why is it that so many company directors, who surely get's paid enough to buy pretty much any car they would like, drives estates? Usually silver ones, to make it even less desireably.

Does silver estate cars come with the titel, or is this why I have never been offered promotion to the big money... I don't drive a silver estate?


Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

I have noticed that as well, hmm.

7:46 pm  
Blogger Hannah said...

That's what my father drives. Just seems to be one of Those Things. Bit like Mid-Life Crises. Unavoidable and completely unnecessary.

10:26 pm  
Blogger Martin Stickland said...


Perhaps I will do another few chapters for mama Mouse then!

I did not want to scare the poor soul. I hope she gets well soon, I miss her blog!

Greetings from one Brit to another!

Kind Regards


12:03 am  
Blogger Mandy said...

Actually, did you know that grey or silver cars are the safest cars to drive ? It's true, less grey/silver cars have accidents.. yeah some stoopid survey they did.

9:11 pm  

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