Monday, July 24, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

The weekend was over before it had started, which is quite commen at the moment. 4 year olds Dad has been working away from home for months, but until recently he always managed to work from home at least one day a week, but we should have known that would be too good to last.

We get up at 4.30am Monday mornings to take Dad to the airport and then go home and have breakfast and play with LEGO till it is time to go to nursery and work. Come lunchtime I am still half asleep.

Today I must have been particularly tired, because my collegue went out and got me a Boost energy chocolate bar to brighten my day. Boost was a whole new experience. Not quite sure if I actually liked the taste, but then it might have been better if it had been stored chilled, rather than on a shelf in a luke warm cafe.

Did it give me a boost though? Who knows what I would have been like if I hadn't had it!

Boost; Red Bull in a bar!


Anonymous Mandy said...

Boost, erhmm I'm sure they had these when I lived in the UK. But reading that 'glucose' at the bottom of the wrapper, they must be another version.

Nothing worse than warm chocolate :=)


9:28 pm  

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