Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm a keen gardener, but I wouldn't say my garden take first priority, more like 15th. So even though the intention is there I realised early on in my gardening career that I needed plants that needed minimum maintenance.

Olive trees are such a plant. They will even survive outside in the mild winters of southern England, so no need to wrap up or bring inside.

But since I have a leftover gene from my ancestors which tells me to grow my own food i thought I would try and preserve the olives from my olive tree this year. Since my parents have a huge vegetable garden I thought I would ask them first about what they knew about home grown olives. My parents live in Denmark though, and the winters there don't really allow for Olives, so the olive tree is for decorative purposes only. So I went for a search online.

It was fairly easy to find a good, and what looks like a fairly easy recipe on "How to treat fresh Olives". Wash and soak in a solution of salt and water... for up to six months!!!????

Even with 4 year olds constant testing of my patience, I am not sure my patience will stretch for preserving my own olives.


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