Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cold calling

Before anyone asks, no, we don't have caller display on our landline phones, and yes, it is a deffinate possibility for the near future.

Thursday night I was waiting to hear if my other half would catch his flight back to Heathrow. Normally he would just text me on my mobile, but with no handluggage allowed through airport security, this was not an option.

The phone rings while I am just reading 4 year old his bedtime story so I drop the book and leg it down the stairs.

"Good evening...", already now I know it was a waisted journey down the stairs, "This is John from Kitchens Direct, we have a special offer," I cut him off, "We're renting so not in the market for a new kitchen", he cut's me off, "Oh!", and he hangs up.

Whatever happened to, "Sorry to disturb you"!?


Anonymous Soto said...

Well, at least he didnt try to still sell you a new kitchen. I have had people trying to sell me all kinds of stuff, even after telling them it wasnt needed or that I dont want to pay for a new roof on a house I rent LOL. I dont know what it is I just can never get rid of them politely. So I just start speaking my native tongue and then I hang up lOL
Surfed through from BE.

9:37 pm  

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