Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Guinea Pig

I was never allowed a pet when I was a kid, as my dad was allergic to all kinds of furry animals. I did have a baby rabbit for a while, but he got sick and died. I didn't get another pet.

Dogs have never been a great love of mine, though I think I could get attached to a cat. However I have always been attracted to fish, so this year for my birthday my better half bought me a fishtank and I got 3 goldfish.

So how did I get a guinea pig on my blog? I was Recommended. Please visit and leave a comment. It would be rude not to.

@Recommended, Thanks for being my guinea pig in the world of blog renting.
@Everyone else who bid, another offer will be coming soon.


Anonymous Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!

Ack! fish. Although I'm happy for you, that you got fish for your birthday I must say I'm allergic to them lol. Let's call it a fish phobia.. yeah that's it.

Take care

9:59 am  

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