Saturday, December 17, 2005


"i don't allow my children to have lollipops", from the mother who's kids stuff themselfes with crisps and sweets at any given oppertunity. She continued, "My oldest once came home with a lollipop from school, 'It was Girls birthday and all there was, was lollipops'".

Has she taught her children why they don't want to eat lollipops? Something to do with their teeth I am sure. The perfect Mom... ?

If it's a party or holiday, it's a party / holiday for everyone. Adults get to have wine and beer, and kids (1 x 3 year old) gets to have sweets and chocolate. He has learned his own limits. From last easter when he finally had enough chocolate. "You can have too much chocolate", to a few weekends ago when we went to Belgium, land of chocolate, and he was given an option between chocolate or lunch and he chose lunch.

I never understood the parents who would have the biggest ice cream on the chart and when they asked their kids which ice cream they wanted they told them, "no, you can have one of those", pointing at the smallest ones, and cheapest. A big ice cream soon taught our son there is a limit to how much he can eat of the sweet stuff.

I love ice cream and chocolate, but I also like lamb a nice pizza, pasta dish, lamb roast and raw carrots.

Big ice creams is not something to aspire to. Know your own limits.


Blogger Mandy said...

Big ice creams, it's that familiar saying "eyes bigger than your belly" it's that crave of "I must have that one cause it's the biggest" well I hope they realise that not only do they have the biggest ice cream, but now they've got the biggest cavities too!

11:34 pm  
Blogger Elli said...

so true! And yet for some reason I seem to be rather forgetful about the insights I made into exceeding ice-cream or chocolate consumptions. ;-)

7:00 pm  

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