Monday, December 12, 2005

I want a Christmas tree

Every year you hear about the mad rush of parents trying to get the toy of the year for their kids. I have no idea what the toy of the year is this year, but for the first time we are having our own little christmas present challenge.

From the kid, when asked what he wanted for Christmas, "I want a christmas tree", we got a "Letter for Father Christmas" courtesy of his nursery. He wants a space ship!

I'm guessing they didn't feel "lightsabre" was an appropriate wish for a 3 year old. Maybe letting him watch Star Wars was not such a good idea? Should we have let him watch Lord of the Rings instead? Do they do cuddly toy Golums?

Meanwhile... any ideas where you find a space ship fit for a 3 year old?


Blogger Hannah said...

Give him a giant cardboard box. Always fascinated me much more than the inevitable expensive but ignored toys hidden within...

12:06 am  

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