Sunday, November 27, 2005

Burning the midnight oil

1st sunday in Advent and I had everything ready. My Advent calendar candelabre all polished up. Slight exageration off course, but it's the tought that counts, it was dusted and out of the cupboard.

But as tradition, well tradition in my household anyway, prescribes, something was missing, I had forgotten something... the candles. I found 2 purple and 2 green candles in my candle draw, slightly out of shape, but all non-used, which was a bonus.

We put 3 year old to bed, after he was almost falling asleep in his dinner. Opened a bottle of Chianti, threw a Swedish CD in the player, unwrapped some cheese and lit some candles. It was a true hippy experience.

After the redwine had finished we started on the coffee and cognac, on a 'schoolnight', and then, another tradition in our household, the phone rang.

Someone we know has a knack of allways calling just as we sit down for dinner, a good film starts on TV, or when we have visitors. Actually, said person has, not so far, managed to call when we have visitors, but 95% of his calls come at an inconvenient time.

I hate phones. What's wrong with email?


Blogger QueenBitch said...

LOL Aren't we all lucky enough to have someone like that in our lives? Sounds like a good night, though.

6:56 pm  
Blogger Mandy said...

lol modern times are upon us, though not for some. People still use the phone? oh my! that's outrageous and it shouldn't be allowed.

8:25 am  
Blogger Camina said...

Late night or way too early morning phonecall? It's gotta be MOM - his og mine. I wonder if I'll do the same in 20 years time?

1:27 pm  

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