Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cut off the old blog

We have been cutting out christmas trees and stars and sticking on card to post before Christmas. I now know why we only have a small family.

But talk about cutting, I had my hair styled a couple of weekends ago. Well, a cut and blow dry, but they probably couldn't justify charging £38 for anything less but a hair styling.

When I first had my hair cut, sorry, styled, by Karl, I was charged noticeably less, but he was only a junior stylist then. Unfortunately he was rather good, so his prices has sky rocketed since then.

So what did I get for my money, apart from the fancy name and a haircut? A glass of redwine and a fit young guy at my beck-n-call for about 45 minutes? There is something to be said for having a young guy tell you how wonderfull your hair looks, even though he gets paid to say it.

A glass of wine and I'm anybody's. Time flies and my hair keeps growing, and the ends keeps splitting.


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