Monday, October 02, 2006

No, no, no...

"Since that little blue line appeared on the pregnancy test, blue cheese, soft cheese (some say all cheese) has been banned. So has shellfish - cooked or not, depending on who you speak to - too much caffeine, bagged salad, bought coleslaw, and sin of sins, cigarettes.
Add to this, alcohol - some say never, others say sometimes - flax seed (I'm now told), pate, liver, raw eggs, marlin, shark, hot baths and saunas.
Oh, and MUST take folic acid."

But it is not just pregnant women who shouldn't eat this or do that.

We are al bombarded with:
- Watch your colesterol!
- Eat more fruit and veg!
- Exercise more!

But do we all need to lower our colesterol?
- My family have a genetic history of high colesterol so I have been tested. My colesterol is spot on.

How much more fruit and veg is really good for us?
- Citrus fruit and too much apple juice makes feel sick.

- Ok, I bit more probably wouldn't do me any harm, but overdoing it is not healthy either.

All I know is that folic acid in any shape or form made me throw up when I was pregnant, and surely one should listen to ones body?

...that is if one is not to busy to listen... tsk!


Blogger Primal said...

The key is to go with what nature dictates..not doctors and certainly not the FDA. Folic acid in a synthetic form will make you ill but so will any vitamin in synthetic form. Those iron pills they give pregnant women--responsible for miscarriages. Worth it? I say no. Especially when you know that that particular form of iron isn't even bioavailable to human bodies.

If it grows from the earth--you can eat it. If you mix your colors when forming meals (greens, reds, yellows, oranges) then you'll know you're not getting too much or too little of something; but rather you know have a balance of vitamins to aid in the uptake of one another.

9:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree: in the end you are the one who knows your body best...!!! I think...

1:50 pm  

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