Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Learner Drivers

Driving 35-40 mph in a 60mph zone is not something I usually do, unless it is on a road where overtaking the car going at that slow speed in front is impossible.

Yesterday lunchtime I was driving from my place of work to 4 year olds school to pick him up (they only do part time for younger kids the first 3 months). The road I have to take is scenic, but I usually don’t have time to slow down to enjoy the journey as I need to get back to work after having picked up 4 year old at his school, had lunch and dropped him off at his nursery. The car in front was a learner driver and the only two places where the curves of the road would have allowed for overtaking, there were cars coming in the other direction. I arrived at 4 year olds school with no time to spare for reverse parking so had to just drop the car in the nearest available space.

Today I picked 4 year old up, we had lunch at the canal, I took him to nursery and headed back to work. Luckily my boss is not particular about being a few minutes late on the odd occasion as I was again stuck behind a car driving a max speed of 35 in the 60mph zone.

Being stuck behind a learner driver can be frustrating, but I guess they have to learn at some time, and lunchtime is not usually rush hour, so though I don’t like it, I have to accept it. Rather safe than sorry and all that.

But today I was not stuck behind a learner driver; I was stuck behind a taxi driver!!!

Hackney Carriage 1036, exp.15.08.2006


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