Friday, August 05, 2005

My fridge is telling me something

Ever since I was a kid I have needed feeding at 12 O'clock, come rain, come shine, or else! So even though I finish work before lunch on fridays I don't make it home in time for the midday deadline, resulting in me getting a little (read: more than usual) annoyed with my fellow road users, so today I thought I would be kind and bring myself a snack. Last night I wrapped up a couple of slices of bread in some tinfoil and put the parcel in the fridge for this morning. Unfortunately for the Learner-Driver in front of me the whole way home (well, some of it anyway) I forgot my little silver parcel in the fridge this morning.

I made it home. Opened the fridge, grapped a drink and my little silver parcel on the way to the computer... It turns out there was more than one silver parcel in the fridge today, the other one containing dark chocolate.

They say dark chocolate is good for the hormones.


Blogger Mandy said...

Ooh road rage.. isn't it strange how we turn into monsterous, evil, mouthy, brave people when we're behind the wheel.. especially when we forget little silver packages.

I guess the chocolate made up for it huh :)

4:52 pm  
Blogger Hannah said...

Chocolate. The Official Panacea for World Ills.

9:14 am  

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