Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back in the days of VHS

My parents had gone off to Germany for the day on a business trip, and my big brother was babysitting (me).

"We'll be home for dinner", was the last comment they gave us when they left in the morning.

6pm came up, and my stomack was ready for dinner. 7pm rolled by and still nothing. 8pm my brother called my gran. 9pm he was talking about calling the hospitals and police station. By 10pm he had picked up the phone twice to dial the number. Just before 11pm they turned up. "Look what we have bought!", all smiles and excitement, pulling a VHS recorder out of a box.

"Don't they have phones on Germany?" was my brothers only response.


Blogger Mandy said...

Parents! who needs them, or even brothers for that matter! :)

9:19 pm  

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