Friday, August 05, 2005

Terrorist customer

After 7 years with the same lenses I felt it was time for some new glasses. And conveniently enough my old glasses started falling apart, so I called the optician to book an eyetest.

"We will see you friday at 2.30 then.", the conversation with the optician receptionist ended. When she was struggling to enter my date of birth into their computer system I should have known something would go wrong. When I turned up on the friday at 2.20 I was told my appointment was not till 3.30, and if I insisted on rebooking to a convenient time for me, and if that had to be a saturday, "We're very busy on saturdays, so you have to make sure you turn up". I almost didn't.

I took my test results to the shop where I had found the glasses I liked and ordered my glasses. "We will call you when the are ready, in about 2 weeks". 2 weeks later I had had no call, or voicemail, so I called the store. "Your glasses arrived 5 days ago, but it looks like we had problems leaving you a message". That is why I left them both my homenumber and my mobile number! I collected my glasses and left without saying anything.

I'm a terrorist customer. I spread the word.


Blogger Arc said...

lol...for that exact reason I hate going to the optician. Once an optician gave me the wrong contact lenses and then insisted it was my fault!

10:47 am  
Blogger Denotsko said...

Thats the way it goes for me everywhere I shop. I gave up. I won't even buy socks for myself now.

11:04 am  
Blogger Ashithraj said...

thanx a lot for commenting on my blog. Good to know someone outside my _circle_ is reading the blog. If you like my blog, please do link to it.
Comments on further posts are also welcome.

12:04 pm  
Blogger Mandy said...

lol looks like you were dealt a double blow there! I remember a while back my neice going to the docs cause she had a sty on her eye. He told her to go home and apply the cream he'd prescribed for her, to her eye for a week. Later that evening she read the 'destructions' and it said "Do not apply anywhere near the eyes" lol..

Ok, my story had no relevence to your post whatsover, just humour me! hehe :)

4:49 pm  

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