Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grumpy old people

We survived our week visiting the family. We had a great few days at the seaside, even though it was raining. Climbing around the sand dunes was great fun, and we came back with sand in our pockets.

Some of the family visits where quite pleasant, but I dreaded visiting my grandmother. When a few weeks earlier I had spoken to on the phone and mentioned we would like to come by and visit when we came to Denmark she clearly wasn't interested so I dropped the subject. About a week later my mother mentioned theat my grandmother had said she would love for us to come and visit her when we came to Denmark, as if I hadn't mentioned anything. I let it drop.

When I finally called her after we arrived in Denmark and suggested we drop by she said we could come by for morning coffee. I offered that we would pick up some cake on the way so she wouldn't have to go out especially, she refused.

So why did I have to listen to how inconvenient it was for her that she had had such short notice, otherwise she could have arranged lunch, etc etc? I know she is 87, but is that an excuse for being rude about us not inviting ourselves early enough for her inconvience?

Next time she can invite us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL... I guess that is just the way some old people get... Maybe in time our grandkids will feel that way about us... Though I think that is pretty impossible, LOL!

3:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With mine...when you get there its about 45 mins of 'you never visit me'...well...this is why isn't it?

2:20 am  

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