Monday, May 23, 2005

The drums of vision

The Eurovision is an annual event in our house. When I was 12 I actually bouoght the MC! But it is not seriuos, if it was, surely the best song would win, right?

Political voting aside, my favourite was the Moldova song. Not because it was just plain silly, nor because of the grandmother on the drums. What was it with drums this year? every other song seemed to have drums in it, somewhere... apart from the guy with the airviolin. Not one you see often. But Moldova, as Vogan put it prior to the voting from Moldova, "Someone tell me who their neighbouring countries are". It turned out they where voting eastern european. I had never knwoingly heard of this country before, not that Georgrapy is my thing, but I looked it up on the map, and it turns out to be a small country squeezed in between Romania & Ukraine.

And that is why it was my favourite. It stood out from the rest, purely through the lack of my knowledge of the country even existing.


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