Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Diary Blog

5.15 - son wakes up, and climbes into Mommy & Daddy's bed. Goes to sleep.
5.55 - radioclock comes on. (what's on the radio differs)
6.10 - get's up, have shower & get dressed. (what I wear differs)
6.20 - take son to bathroom & help him get dressed.
6.30 - make tea & toast. Drink tea & eat toast.
6.50 - daddy leaves for work.
7.00 - son goes and plays, mommy clear up, pack bag for nursery, empty/fill dishwasher/washingmachine, get's ready for work. (What he plays differs)
7.45 - leaves for nursery/work.
8.00 - drops son off at nursery & drive to work.
8.45 - arrive at office, log onto pc, sits at desk.
10.00 - leaves desk to get drink. Goes back to desk.
12.00 - has lunch. (what I have for lunch differs)
12.30 - goes back to desk.
14.00 - leaves desk to get drink. Goes back to desk.
16.55 - watches clock
17.45 - leaves work. Drives to childminder to pick up son.
18.30 - pick up son.
18.45 - arrive home. Get dinner for son. He eats while mommy keeps him company.
19.30 - son finish dinner, play. (what he eats and plays differs)
19.45 - brush sons teeth, give him a bath, get him ready for bed.
20.00 - read bedtime story. (what we read differs)
20.15 - cook adult dinner. (what we cook differs)
21.00 - eat dinner.
21.30 - watch TV. (what we watch differs)
22.30 - go to bed.


Blogger said...

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Blogger said...

we have significant others to somehow validate the time we have on this earth and i suppose we blog for the same reasons.
in the vein, i read your blog. i care. you're now validated.
peace ;)

4:52 pm  

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