Monday, July 04, 2005

What I Did on my Summer Holiday

My holiday got of to a good start when I collapsed at work and ended up at hospital. I did manage to recover enough to sleep in the passenger seat while we drove off to Belgium to celebrate my 34th birthday. I got an Ipod!!! and enough chocolate, food, beer, wine and sunshine to get me through the day, at which point I had been off the tablets for two days, so I could enjoy the day.

However, the Ipod, thoguh being a great toy, was not the most memorable event, neither was my recent hospital visit, no, the most memorable event was the day prior to my birthday, when we took the train to Antwerp for some shopping therapy. After having had lunch and done sightseeing in 33 degrees celcius, and my son getting everyones attention in the department store with "I don't like that one mommy. I like this one, it's pink!" we went back to the station to catch a train back to Brugge where we where staying.

Antwerp station being an amazingly beautiful building and the downwards extention of platforms (3 levels) killed the extra half hour we had to spend there as we missed our first train. Not that we where not on time, or that we where waiting on the wrong platform. It was more a case of the train on our announced platform was not going in the right direction, and after it left our train disappeared of the announcement board with it. Noone knew what was going on. As it turned out, we should have taken the train in the wrong direction and changed at the first stop. Some sort of announcement would have been nice.

The following week we had my parents visiting from Denmark, and everything went smooth. My son got his pink birthday cake, as requested, and he only fell of his new bike once. But then came friday and we had to drive my parents to Standsted. With only seconds to spare they just made it, even though we had left in plenty of time, but that is the M25 for you. Or so we thought, untill we hit the 25 again going back. Rush hour all over with we where parked on the northern part of the M25 circle around London for approx 1½ hour, to find the road had been closed and at the roundabout there was a lonely policeman and a couple of roadwork workers doing there best to direct traffic in the right directions. Re-direction signs would have been nice.

But all in all I had a great holiday, and am ready for a holiday at work to recover!


Blogger Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Sorry for the accident.

Take care always.

2:52 pm  
Blogger Weezy said...

Welcome back - I've missed you! Ahhh children and it looks like we are the same age. Sometimes I wonder when did I turn 30...

3:25 pm  

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